Pizzalist reached out to TVA in search or a better quality approach to their social media presence. Their pizza it’s probably the number 1 in Galway, but its content did not represent that status + some other social media sins were made, like buying bot followers.

TVA took them on board and created a custom social media marketing strategy that appeals to their desired audience and highlights the quality, convenience and new location of the store.

A monthly hour content visit is made to build up a high quality lifestyle library that includes product images, staff, location and reels to showcase the making of their signature dough, and their brand new location at Dunnes Stores Knocknacarra.

The result? A 200%+ more reach and engagement of local audience + a positive offline impact as Dunnes Stores is promoting Pizzalist in house content through Ads. A slow cleansing of the bots it’s being made while gaining real and local followers, that will soon turn into clients

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