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The lazy content flooding Instagram in 2024 (and it’s only January!)

January 16, 2024

It’s January 15th, 2024, and this growth hack is flooding Instagram: we’re witnessing hundreds of 5-second reels from ‘faceless marketing’ accounts. They showcase their cute coffees at similar Airbnb rentals, urging viewers to read captions for tips to boost watch time.

We understand the tactic – it does have its effectiveness.

But, are we genuinely reaching the audience we aim to target?

In our research on this Instagram inundation strategy and its audience interactions, we found that:

  • A significant 60% of interactions originate from accounts employing a similar tactic, aiming to meet daily engagement goals and seeking mutual follows.
  • Your reels feed becomes overwhelmed with an endless stream of identical content – repetitive and monotonous.
  • These broad-appeal reels primarily aim to sell digital products, with calls to action like “comment X to Y to get Z” leading to automated messages in your DMs for purchases.
  • These types of content lack any distinct personality or brand positioning. They could all be from the same account and you’d hardly notice.

Does this mean you should completely avoid this type of content in your strategy?

Not necessarily. There’s a reason this growth hack is taking over Instagram so rapidly. However, it demands more from you.

Relying solely on this approach will render your brand as forgettable as the endless, mindless content we scroll through daily.

Your business should establish solid content pillars and styles, preventing your social presence from becoming a soulless library of video loops.

The best way to stand out? Work harder and smarter.

2024 is the year consumers seek everything: information, inspiration, quality, storytelling, and the human element. Don’t provide them with just a single facet of these elements.

Embrace a variety of content styles and stages in your marketing funnel. Experiment with video lengths and formats. Elevate the quality. Create content that mirrors YOUR BRAND, not just another generic Pinterest trend.

What are your thoughts on this overwhelming trend of 5-second content?

We hope this little bit of tough love gives you the oush to take your brand to the next level, make sure to send us a message to help your content shine!

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