What is a luxury wedding creator and why you need one in your 2024/2025 wedding

May 1, 2024

The way we document our most precious moments has shifted since the rise of social media, and as weddings get more intricate and beautifully detailed, the documenting experience needed to evolve as well.

That’s why for the last couple of years there has been a rise in hiring a Wedding Content Creator for your wedding, in addition to your mandatory photo & video team.

But, what is a Luxury wedding content creator?

It’s a fresh, innovative and high end approach to document the behind the scenes of your wedding day, with quality and time-efficiency at the forefront. We tell your fairytale from a new, fun perspective! From creative reels, to backstage snippets, and instant-moment polaroids, we make sure every moment is captured, leaving your guests and loved ones freedom to enjoy. This means you and your guests can focus solely on the celebration, leaving the stylish snaps and trendy videos to the professionals. For those who love the details, rest assured, we’re capturing every one of them!

A candid storyteller:

I capture the essence of your wedding through a modern perspective. Think of your wedding content creator as that quirky friend that loves social media and it’s always in-the-know of what’s trending and loves taking photos and videos of everything. That’s me! Working alongside the main photo&video team to ensure everything runs smoothly. I’ll take care of snapping all the little moments that sometimes don’t make the cut, or forget to document in the midst of everything, or just simply wouldn’t think of, but would love to have!

An editorial background:

I’m a fashion photographer and videographer with a decade of experience shooting and directing model campaigns, editorials, as well as intimate boutique weddings. I only see the world through an editorial perspective, and I love to bring that pov to the content creation landscape. Taking photos and videos of lovely women in pretty dresses it’s something I’m naturally good at, plus I love love. So providing the next step in this type of service felt like a no brainer to me. I’ll be giving trends, freshness, and originality to your day!

Beyond “just a phone pic”:

I shoot with an iPhone 15proMax and a DJI Osmo 6 gimbal. I also shoot with my hybrid sony a7iii. I also use with my very first analogue camera (I have it since I’m 12!!) and with a La Sardina. And 2 Polaroids. And a cam corder. And a GoPro. And a 360ºcam. It probably is a bit much, I just love offering options and diversity and funnn! Imagine having memories in every angle and texture possible, all within 24 to 48hs after your special day, isn’t it exciting?

Fast & efficient:

I deliver all digital content within 24 to 48hs after the event is finished. All phone material will be delivered via Google Drive. You can have all the clips, and use them as you like! I also deliver pro camera edited photos, edited reels, ame day edits, according to your package. Allow me 5 business days (or less!) to digitalize the analogue images. My biggest flex is to provide a quality service that looks cool, high end, and original, with a fast delivery and easy to share.


Ready to make your special day even more magical? Secure your date today by sending me your details through this form or to hello@thevisualatelier.com








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