Yamila Pavía: CEO & founder of The Visual Atelier

Yamila is an Argentinian creative business woman with a decade of experience working as a fashion photographer & videographer, and 8+ years working in the social media marketing space.

Her fashion photography work has been published in numerous magazines, printed and online. Fashion photography workshops were given across 4 cities in Argentina and online mentoring across the world.

In the digital marketing space, Yamila worked with business and brands across Argentina, Ireland and Europe. She’s currently based in Galway Ireland, from where she takes local and international clients, as she loves to travel.

Her multi-passioned brain led her to create a business that could encapsulate her creative direction, high efficiency, and constant evolution of her skills. All to provide a holistic space for clients to satisfy their digital efforts, with a cohesive vision and quality standard.

The Visual Atelier starts as a solopreneur business, with the aim to grow a small yet talented team with the same values and goals, in the hopes of reaching as many business as possible around the world!

The Visual Atelier featured in:

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